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Re: Sound doesn't work for me on woody, I need help and advice

Paul E Condon <pecondon@quiknet.com> writes:

> I am working on getting sound working on my computer. I have never had
> sound working before, so lots of things might be wrong, most probably, I
> don't know what I'm doing, but other things, too.

Read the sound howto and alsa howto:


>  So far I have determined that my sound card uses CM8738 chip and the
> driver for it is cmpci.o which is beging loaded. But...
>  During boot, a message flashes by that says that snd.o can't be found,
> and hence is not loaded.
>  snd.o seems to be part of alsa, according to a search of the data base
> at debian.org. In that database however, the only hits are for alsa
> packages that are supposed to work with kernel 2.4.xx and I am running
> kernel 2.2.20 vanilla.

,----[ alsa 0.9.0rc3 INSTALL ]
| The ALSA driver replaces the OSS/Free driver. The OSS/Free driver is
| present in current Linux kernels (2.2).  Since version 0.4.0, ALSA has
| supported only 2.2+ kernels. The 2.0 kernels are no longer supported. You
| must compile the kernel with sound support (you do not need to select any
| of the other sound modules apart from sound support).

So 2.2.20 should work. I am using 2.4.18 ...

>  I look in my /lib/modules and in dselect and see that some alsa stuff is
> installed. I try to configure it, and get puzzling results.  In
> particular, my sound chip is not mentioned as a choise in the pick list
> for chips/cards. CM8330 is there, which is a different chip at the
> C-Media web site.

If this is your card: C-Media CMI8738
then it is supported by alsa 0.9.0rc3.

>  I look in dselect to see what alsa components might usefully be
> installed. I find no packages that mention 2.2.xx explicitly, but many
> that mention 2.4.xx, and many different flavors of 2.4.xx, too.

Quite frankly i find the x+10 alsa packages disturbing. 3 differnet
versions, none really usefull (to me). I grabed the the source packages


compiled them and enjoy my mp3s. You need a fully configured kernel source
tree for this.

TschÖ Udo.
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