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Crashed USB subsystem on kernel 2.4.18

Okay, not *all* of the usb subsystem is gone - I can still find the two
hubs, but the devices off them are lost to Linux. The problem comes from
trying to get an STV680 based USB camera to work with my computer - it
feeds 20 images in rapid succession into the computer, and then thinks
it has taken its full capacity of images, and requests from the computer
for more images results in the camera crashing, leading to the stv680.o
module failing, and taking out usblp.o with it. At that point, I cannot
access the camera (or my usb printer - luckily my main printer is still
on parport), and insmod and either module doesn't get through the usb
hubs to the devices.

Is there a way of restarting the usb subsystem (the core of which is in
the kernel proper) without restarting the system? Would it be possible
if the entire usb subsystem was compiled as modules?
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