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Mplayer help

Looking for some help. I've installed mplayer from the .debs available

	deb http://mplayer.nmeos.net stable/
	deb http://marillat.free.fr/ stable main

and it seems to work ok (a few errors on startup about missing fonts and all, but I can live with that for now).

I would like to be able to view realmedia files via mplayer as well. I obtained the RealVideo for Linux from
RealMedia, and tried installed the libraries that came with it.

I copied all the library files in the "Codecs" directory from the RealVideo install into /usr/local/lib, added /usr/local/lib to 
/etc/ld.so.conf, and ran ldconfig.

However, mplayer still cannot play realvideo files. 

Does anyone know if there is something else I need to install/configure for this to work? Is the version available from
the above source NOT compiled to support realmedia files, and so I should uninstall and compile one for myself?


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