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Re: X hangs (ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7500 on Sony VAIO PCG-8A6M, GRX316G with X)

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On Monday 02 September 2002 12:28 pm, Mariano Kamp wrote:
> Hi,
>   I am not sure how to describe this problem properly. Basically my machine
> hangs every now and then. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes, sometimes five and
> it is also sometimes running for 60 minutes until it hangs. Hangs means, I
> cannot do anything anymore. At least CTRL+ALT+DEL/BS and CTRL+ALT+F1 do not
> work anymore.

Then if you press CAPS LOCK, the caps lock LED comes on?  This is usually the 
sane test to determine if your cpu is locked.  Yet you confuse me by telling 
me "it takes 20 minutes, sometimes five. . ."

>   I do have the feeling that it happens usually when I am also accessing
> the disk, but it is very hard to be sure with these things.

Right, my laptop has died many times as I configured it over this weekend, 
sometimes the DISK LED would stay on, sometimes it wouldn't.  In each case, 
however, the CAPS LED would night turn on, nor could I get pings back from it.

>   Is there any log I can have a look at? /var/log/messages and
> XFree86.0.log doesn't seem to have something meaningful regarding the crash
> in there. The last possibly relevant message is: xfs: ignoring font path
> element /usr/lib/X11/fonts/CID (unreadable).

Good idea to start there.  My box was crashing as it started run level 2, 
right at the very end.  What confused me was that my screen would have white 
lines in it as if X was trying to start.  Turned out to be pcmcia trying to 
run, and that is completely unrelated to X! :)  Syslog is what I used to get 
an idea of where/when/where, and why.  Another trick I use with syslog is a 
command 'tail -f /var/log/syslog &', this pops every event to your console as 
it happends and runs in the background so you can still use the console.

>   I do currently have X11 configured for "vesa". Is there any better driver
> for my card? How do I know?

I have never had good luck with VESA.  The last box I used it on would end up 
with weird memory errors from out of nowhere.  Memtest86 reported the memory 
was perfect.  This *could* be part of your problem.

The last suggestion is running top.  Keep a top window open and see if there 
is a program going crazy and swamping the cpu.  I have read many times of 
programs taking all the cpu for no apparent reason.

> Cheers,
> Mariano

good luck to you, 
- -- 

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