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Viewing .pdf attachments in mutt.

Using mutt in unstable uptodate,kernel 2.4.18 .

I have a supplier who insists on sending me documents as attachments.pdf
via his isp's WebMail 2.0. I cannot change that situation.

Tryiny to view the attachment fails,mutt can only ask to view binary.

My .mailcap had 'application/pdf;' set to /usr/bin/xpdf so I installed
acrobat/acroread and set application/pdf to usr/local/bin/acroread without

I have modified /etc/urlview/url_handler.sh from lynx to links,but I don't
know enough to go further there. If that is the right approach can 
someone give me some pointer, just the right RTFM pointer will do.

There is currently an order in the mail that I must print.

Thanks in advance.

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