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Re: FW: kernel source patching

Chris A. Morgan <ca1313@nettally.com> wrote:
> I want to upgrade to 2.4.19 kernel and compile it myself to perhaps get more things working.  I installed the source code from Debian CD's for 2.4.18 and downloaded a 2.4.19 patch from kernel.org.  When I applied the patch, I got a zillion FAILED messages, apparently because Debians version of the source code has been heavily patched and modified already.  How can I get clean source code to patch??  Downloading the entire source code (over 30M) on my dialup is problematic.  Would it help to just compile 2.4.18 as I have it or would that give me what I already have again?  I'm a little frustrated from weeks of just trying to get Debian functional.

That's because you installed the kernel-source binary package which is
only meant to be used to build *Debian* kernel images.  To get back to
the pristine source from a binary package without downloading the whole
thing, download the diff file for that kernel-source package with
apt-get --diff-only, and apply it with patch -R.
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