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Using kernel-image 2.2.20 and enabling framebuffer-video mode


on my potato system I used the kernel image debian brought to me ... but
I had problems with loading the frame-buffer module so that I can get a
screen resolution and not this little square where I can hardly read
anything ... but that did not work because from the kernel documentation
I have got that it must not be configured as module.

So things have changed I thought and installed on my woody system the
kernel-image 2.2.20 ... I was now able to load the frame-buffer module
(modconf and installation succeeded) ... but typing VGA=791 on my boot
prompt leaves the screen black and blank.

So I have to recompile the kernel by myself, change the entries for the
video modes in the kernel configuration file and now I can use VGA=791.

What I am wondering now is:

a) is there anybody out there who could enable this feature without
recompiling the kernel again

b) am I missing something

c) is everybody out there using a screen with "1024x768" and
only have a little square (something like 800x200) hardly readable

d) why isn't the kernel image setup with frame-buffer support?

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