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Re: D-Link, Wireless and Debian

On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 04:17:41PM -0700, Rupa Schomaker wrote:
> I have a 1000AP and newer versions of it's firmware sport a web
> interface to configure the device.

Yes, and it works well.  I have one.  The problem is that you have to be
able to FIND the unit in order to configure it, and it comes up using DHCP
to get its IP address.  I usually arp for it... I know its MAC prefix so
it's not hard to find.  It also doesn't switch IP's unless it loses power,
so I just have it bookmarked. :)

I don't remember whether or not it can be configured to use a static IP or
not... I no longer have a Windows box with which to run its utilities, and
the manual is for the "stupid" firmware it came with, rather than the
web-enabled that's in it now.  The web interface provides no way to define
a single IP for it to use.  I do note that there's a later firmware
(3.2.31) on D-Link's website replacing what I have in mine now (3.2.28)...
I have no idea if it provides anything new since D-Link of course doesn't
publish changelogs.

D-Link provides a "kickstart" utility that goes out and does discovery to
find the unit, but of course, that's another Windows utility.

> Of course, you have to use a windows computer to load the firmware...

Well, it's tftp to the AP that loads the firmware... I watched it with a
sniffer when it uploaded the new firmware last time and figured that much
out.  I suppose it wouldn't be all that hard to decipher exactly how to
talk to it... if it weren't the only one I had at the moment, maybe I'd
risk killing it.

> Maybe bring it to a friend that hasn't been converted to the one true
> way. >:)

Enough Windows machines running around in the world that it's really not an
issuei, if you HAD to talk to it. :)

Marc Wilson

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