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Re: Woody on Asus A7V333 with Promise FastTrak133 Controller

Op zo 01-09-2002, om 00:50 schreef Paul Galbraith:

> When I boot off the bf2.4 install floppies, however, my striped drive
> is not recognized (nor are the 2 physical drives, for that matter--no
> drive is recognized).  I haven't got any idea what to do from here...I
> flipped through the howto that describes boot options and nothing
> jumped out at me, and a search of the web and these archives didn't
> turn up anything helpful.
> Does anyone have any idea how to force the bf2.4 install kernel to
> recognize my striped drive?  Cheers,
in my case (an MSI mb it works with passing irq and io adresses at the
boot prompt.

hjlsvr:/home/mark# cat /etc/lilo.conf | grep append
# command line is given, other than one specified by an `append'
append="ide2=0xec00,0xe802,19 ide3=0xe400,0xe002,19 ide2=dma ide3=dma"
kernel 2.4.19 helps too :)

regards Mark Lamers

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