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SSL chat site?


I would like to explain to someone who is unable to browse certain web sites how he can do so by using some software which is currently under beta test by a certain group of people who have a fondness for deceased bovines.

I'm not sure my friend has access to any software that will enable us to discuss this privately, which we will need to be able to do so I can get him set up without anyone objecting.

But very likely he has an SSL-enabled web browser. If there are a site where we could chat back and forth by pasting text or HTML into a form that was encrypted to and from the server with HTTPS, we could talk privately.

Likely he'd later be able to help out other people who are having trouble viewing these same web sites.

Are there any sites like provide SSL-protected chat? It would also be best for the server to forget our text when we're done.

I'm afraid I'm not (yet) in a position to set up a server of my own, or I'd do it myself.

I could pay a reasonable amount to do this with a commercial site.

One can chat in the forums at sourceforge in SSL mode. The conversation would be made public even though the transmission of the text would be private, but likely that would be OK, if neither of us identified who he was. Unfortunately, sourceforge is one of the sites he is unable to access. I cannot fathom why.


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