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Re: XMMS and the new MP3 patent terms

Isaac To wrote:
> If you look at the license of non-free software in the Debian archive and
> read the copyright file of each of them, you can find that they allow the
> binary code to be distributed in a Debian CD-ROM to be sold.  They become
> non-free because of things like source code not provided, commercial *use*
> (rather than distribution) restrictions, disallowing changes to the code,
> etc.

Well no, you'll find all of the restrictions you mention, but also
restrictions on commerical sale.

For example, the sole non-free package I maintain, dgen; an excerpt:

 * MZ80 May not be sold, or sold as a part of a commercial package without
 * the express written permission of Neil Bradley (neil@synthcom.com). This
 * includes shareware.

Another excerpt:

No money, goods, or services may be charged or solicited for Starscream, or
any emulator or other program which includes Starscream, in whole or in part.
Using Starscream in a shareware or commercial application is forbidden.
Contact Neill Corlett (corlett@elwha.nrrc.ncsu.edu) if you'd like to license
Starscream for commercial use.

Restrictions on commercial sale violate point 1 of the DFSG, and such a
violation alone is enough to put software into non-free. So be very careful
before selling CD's of debian's non-free archive.

see shy jo

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