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Re: wget asp pages recursively?

On Sat, Aug 31, 2002 at 05:19:19AM -0400, Michael D. Crawford wrote:
> I'd like to download a sequence of pages which are produced by someone's 
> asp application so that I may read them while I am offline.
> Is there a parameter to wget that will allow me to do this?
> The URL for the first page is something like
> http://www.something.com/junk.asp&thepageIwant=1
> I can use the "--html-extension" to cause the page I download to have a 
> .html extension, so my web browsers know what to do with the file.  
> However, I don't seem to be able to get wget to follow the link within that 
> page to the next page, because the link is given as a parameter to an asp 
> application.  That is, there is HTML like this:
> <p>Click the following to go to the
> <a href="http://www.something.com/junk.asp&thepageIwant=2";>next 
> page</a>.</p>
> What I need is for wget to understand that stuff following an "&" in a URL 
> indicates that it's a distinctly different page, and it should go 
> recursively retrieve it.  The --recursive option doesn't seem to help.
> Any help you can give me is appreciated.

I use a sequence I learned off the Linux Journal site:
    wget -m -L -t 5 -w 5 http://somplace.com/some.asp&page=1

When I've done so and encountered asp or cgi pages, it has done just
fine -- the -m tag does recursion, infinite depth, and some url


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