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Re: understanding apt-proxy

Chris Halls wrote:

On Fri, Aug 30, 2002 at 02:17:22PM -0700, Paul Scott wrote:
I had read all of these except the import but I had done the import. Often enough I find Linux documentations skips over or assumes understanding that I don't have yet. Not that I don't appreciate all that has been done.
I would happily accept worked-over documentation for anything I maintain -
knowing a program inside-out does not help in writing documentation - I
don't always see the problems you do.

I would be glad to help if I end up getting a little better understanding. I will read more of the apt-proxy script.

In this case I may be closer than I think.  For security I have:

add_backend /security/                                  \
      $APT_PROXY_CACHE/security/       \
      security.debian.org::debian-security/     \
and from the client I get:

Failed to fetch http://joy:9999/security.debian.org/dists/testing/updates/main/binary-i386/Packages 404 is not serviced by this server
The backend name and address you give in sources.list need to match.

In this case, you specified 'security' as backend name and
'security.debian.org' in sources.list.
I quote from the apt-proxy.conf that
I suggested you look at:

I have many times. I believe I have the latest version since I upgrade often. I finally see your helixcode example as saying what you have said above.

# Debian security
#deb http://APTPROXY:9999/security stable/updates main contrib non-free

(well, you need to change 'stable' to 'testing' and set your apt-proxy
host name, but otherwise it is correct for you.)
Much better.   Those errors are gone now.

I'll see if I can contribute to the documentation. There is still a lot missing from my networking knowledge.



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