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Re: Reiserfs stability??

#include <hallo.h>
* nate [Fri, Aug 23 2002, 11:18:42AM]:

> >> since reiserfs is the only stable journalling filesystem that I
> >> am aware of for 2.2.x that is why I use it. And it is probably the
> >
> > Then your recherches were not good enough. Ext3 for 2.2.x has been
> > existed for a long while.
> I am aware of that, note that i said STABLE journalling filesystem,
> http://people.spoiled.org/jha/ext3-faq.html
> "There is no development going into ext3 for 2.2 anymore. "
> that FAQ was updated 2002-07-03. Which is not that long ago. I don't

Who cares? It is Yet Another Hey-People-I-Show-U-How-To-Use-EXT3-FAQ,
one of dozens available in the net.

> consider a piece of kernel code that is no longer maintained

*scratch*, *scratch* Why didn't you consider that Ext3 for 2.2.x has not
needed upgrades for a year since there are no important bugs? On the
other hand, ugly things in ReiserFS code come to daylight again and
again, so upgrades are important.

> to be stable, especially something as new as ext3.

Ext3 is not really new. It is based on the codebase of Ext2 of 2.2.x

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