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Unidentified subject!

Elizabeth Barham wrote:

>Since a decoder costs USD 0.75, why not set up a
>website or other
>service that takes as input an mp3 file and returns
>an orbis file.

This is a great idea, however there are two problems.
One is technical, it is going to take
whoever runs this service lots of CPU time and
bandwidth (I guess they could charge a
small fee for this or ask for donations or something).
The second problem is legal, the provider of this
service could fall into the same legal trap as mp3.com
which let you download mp3s of cds you own, (the
server could potentially receive tons of illegal
recordings, that they would be converting and sending
back to the person).

Probably the best solution would be for people to use
code from the mpeg people
themselves. I think there are even versions of the
decoder available from frauhaufner.


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