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Re: Clear Case

%% bob@proulx.com (Bob Proulx) writes:

  bp> IIRC Clear Case uses FlexLM for licensing.

Not so; they have their own networked licensing system; it's much nicer
than FlexLM.  A single user takes only one license, no matter how many
different views (workspaces) and how many different systems they are
using and what they are doing there.

  bp> I recommend avoiding the use of clear case.

Unfortunately there is no free software available right now which has as
much capability as ClearCase.  That may change as currently active
projects become more stable but right now ClearCase is the best choice
for some types of development environments (not only that, but if your
company is using it you don't have a lot of options :)).

However, the types of development environments it is really appropriate
for do _not_ include small/medium (less than 50+ full-time, dedicated
developers) projects or projects with lots of small, widely dispersed
teams.  This means it's virtually never appropriate for any kind of free
software development effort.

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