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Re: mozilla freezing when /dev/dsp busy

This happens because of the Flash plugin. The only ways around is that
I'm aware of are using a sound daemon, getting a second soundcard
(that's what I did), rewriting the flash plugin, or, not going to sites
that use flash.
Of course, you could also figure out how to trick Mozilla into thinking
you've got a flash plugin so it won't ask you to download it, but not
really having it installed, though, this is only an ugly hack.

On Wed, 2002-08-21 at 19:37, Erik Steffl wrote:
>   mozilla freezes from time to time when /dev/dsp is busy. It's quite
> annoying becuase it makes it impossible to use mozilla while listening
> to music (on the same computer). It seems like it freezes even if
> there's no sound, at least no sound I could hear. I only know it's
> /dev/dsp because when I stop xmms mozilla un-freezes.
>   Netscape freezes as well but I always hear sound afterwards (when it
> uhn-freezes) so that's understandable. It doesn't happen  very often
> with netscape so I suspect that mozilla is trying to open /dev/dsp for
> no good reason.
>   is there a solution for this problem? (except of sound server)
>   I already filed a bug...
>   TIA
> 	erik
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