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Re: Atl-F7... Me Too!


I have no solution so far. I tried 2.2.20 and 2.2.20-idepci kernels, same problem. I am going to test 2.4.x experimental kernel too, and see if that helps.

There have been Xfree 4.2.x released too, which is not part of woody and may
be worth testing too.

Sadly potato seems still more stable on my machine.

I prefer gnome to kde, but again gnome went through many changes too, e.g. nautilus replacement for gmc. Nautilus is nice to look at but too slow to work with.

gnomecc seems a bit buggy re MIME types and is not compatible with gmc.

And yet again there is a new version of gnome 2.x and I am not sure whether current gnome apps are compatible with it.

Oh finally, on loggout or reboot from gdm my tty's hang up. But if press ctl-alt-bakspace then it works.

I hope to have better news with sid.


On Wed, 21 Aug 2002 00:27:41 Andrew Zajac wrote:
> I have the same problem switching back from my virtual
> consoles to X.  As well, CTRL-ATL-+ does the same
> thing.
> Before I had installed Debian Woody, I had installed
> Mandrake(the newest version) and did not have the same
> problem.  So the function is supported by XFree 4.1. 
> However, the mandrake kernel is heavily patched...
> I cannot find anyone else with this problem nor can I
> find a solution.  Have you had any luck?
> I was going to re-install Mandrake this weekend to
> take a close look at the configuration files to see if
> the answer lies there.  Or, maybe there is a patch we
> could use??
> I would really appreciate hearing from you...
> Thanks!
> Andy Zajac
> Montreal, Canada.
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