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Re: Need help wiht diald and ethertap

Paul E Condon wrote:
I am working on cleaning up my system (Woody rev0). One annoying
feature of the current setup is a long delay when I start a telnet
session connecting from one machine to another on my internal LAN.

I am using diald to bring up a ppp connection to the outside
world. When diald is stopped, telnet brings up its login prompt almost
immediately. But when diald is running, telnet waits while a ppp
connection is established (about 30 sec), and then asks for user name
and password. I'm sure this behavior is new with Woody, but can't
prove it. I would like to try reverting to having diald use SLIP
rather than ethertap. How do I expunge ethertap? and get a fresh
install of diald to test this theory?

Of course, if you have already discovered this situation and know how
to fix it, that is really what I would prefer to know.



Many moons ago, before diald had the ethertap capability, I had this problem. The cause was diald deciding that it needed to do a DNS lookup and it kicked off the dialer for a connect to my listed nameservers at my ISP. If I recall correctly, I fixed the problem by using the "search" option in /etc/resolv.conf, i.e. "search <local lan domain>, <ISP domain>. What I am not sure of, is if this requires a locan name-server or not. I "think" all it required was having my /etc/hosts file populated with entries for all my LAN computers, but it has been several years and my memory isn't what it used to be... MAN resolv.conf might give more useful info.

HTH in pointing you towards a fruitful avenue of investigation...

-Don Spoon-

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