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Where to run hdparm during boot?

On my Dell Inspiron 7500 I found out that playing around with hdparm can help increase disk throughput from about 3 Mb to somewhat around 6-7 Mb using the following setting:

hdparm -X66 -c3 -m16 -d1 -u1 -W1 /dev/hda

Regarding the usage of hdparm I have two questions:

(1) Even though 6-7 MB is no phantastic result, it is still much better than before. Do you have any idea of how to improve performance even more?

(2) After several tests with stable results I decided to make this change permanent. I think (I'm not sure though) I should put this command somewhere in /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh. Is this true and if so, where do I put it? In not, what file should it go in (and where)?

Thank you very much.

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