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Summary: get sound module working

Some time ago I posted a question about getting sound to work on my
Tecra 740CDT.  After some hints from Patrick Wiseman and a lot of digging
around in
and the Modules and Sound HOWTOs, I found the actual steps for loading
the kernel module pretty easy.  I want to share this and encourage the
others of the above mentioned documentation to take note.

1) Find out what kind of sound hardware you have.  It may be in the manual.
   It may be in documentation for your computer at the manufacturer's
   website.  I found mine at http://www.cck.uni-kl.de/misc/tecra710/.
   It is the CS4232 chip set.
2) Find out what ports and interrupts your computer is using for the sound
   device.  You should be able to find this in the BIOS.  On my Toshiba,
   I get into the BIOS setup program by holding ESC while the computer
   reboots.  (If it isn't there, try to get a technical manual for your
   computer from the manufacturer's website.)
3) Find out which hardware module you need.  In my case it was simple:
   /lib/modules/2.2.17/misc/cs4232.o was pretty obvious.  The Sound HOWTO
   has pretty extensive information.  I've been told that the ALSA driver
   (opl3sa2.o) is pretty general.
4) Find out what parameters the module needs.  This was the stumbling
   block for me.
   # modinfo cs4232
   filename:    /lib/modules/2.2.17/misc/cs4232.o
   description: <none>
   author:      <none>
   license:     <none>
   parm:        io int
   parm:        irq int
   parm:        dma int
   parm:        dma2 int
   parm:        mpuio int
   parm:        mpuirq int
   parm:        synthio int
   parm:        synthirq int
5) Run modconf to select the driver, choose to load the module, and
   specify the parameters.  In my case:
   io=0x534 irq=5 dma=1 dma2=0 mpuio=0x330 mpuirq=5 synthio=388
   (Note, using modconf instead of insmod ensures you get any other
   supporting modules you need.)

There may be other stumbling blocks for other folks, but the above should
be a pretty good path to try first.

Good luck.

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