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pump/ifdown problem

As of about a week or so ago, ifdown died on me. This is a particular
problem when S31networking is run in rc6.d and the machine "hangs" and
forces me to do a hard reboot. (Didn't have SysRq support in the kernel
until today.)

I decided to investigate, and running ifdown -av shows the culprit to be
"pump -i eth0 -k". Looking through the man page, this should kill pump
for interface eth0. Simple enough. Unfortunately, running it produces no
output. Actually running it does nothing but sit there. If I just do it
from a console I can hit Ctrl-C and get back to "normal". But,
obviously, this SHOULD work. Running ifconfig eth0 down works just fine

I'm running Sid (last update a couple of weeks ago, before this png3
fiasco started) with pump version 0.8.11-7 (as reported by dpkg -s pump,
as pump appears to be missing a -v option). Any suggestions?


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