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Mozilla 'File Bookmark' window size - Repost


I've posted this a while ago, but unfortunatelly there were no answers.
I'm still struggling with this:

Is there a way to tell Mozilla 1.0.0 what size the 'File Bookmark'
window should be? (Without using Gnome's window size override feature.)

I'm using Fluxbox now, and every time I want to file a bookmark, the
window comes up so small that there are only two lines wisible from
the entire tree. So every time I have to manually resize the window first.

I've looked at editres, but it did not seem to be able to get the resource
tree. I've also tried the 'customizing' page on their website, but didn't
get any smarter...

Am I the only one who has this problem?

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to solve this!

Many thanks for your help in advance!
best regards,

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