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Re: harddrive crash recovery? (/var)

"D. Clarke" wrote:
> here's a tricky debian question... is there an "easy" way to get debian to
> recreate all the directories/symlinks/andotherstuff that's supposed to be in
> /var in accordance to what packages are installed? :)
> Probably not, considering all the package information was stored in /var too
> eh? :)
> My 8 gigger just blew up and I can't recover anything off of it, and now my
> system is pretty much hosed.  But I don't want to wipe/reinstall the entire
> thing, however if I can get the base /var structure setup and run apt apps
> and re-install every package that i have without killing the old configs,
> that would be very handy...
> Any ideas are welcome of course...

I haven't tried it, but dpkg has options like audit/upgrade/etc that
might recreate those things. I found the easiest way to make regular
backups is to install a rack so you can swap hard-disks and make
complete system backups.

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