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Re: Gnome

On Wed, 2002-08-14 at 19:36, wires wrote:

> nautilus &
> icewm-gnome &
> panel

no. .xinitrc should read

exec gnome-session

Then you can start X+Gnome with startx. You'll get a default session
with most common stuff running.
If it works and if you want to have a graphical login, install gdm. It
lets you choose gnome as a Session type from the menu.

If you do a 

apt-cache search gnome 

on the command line, you should get most gnome packages listed,
apt-cache show <packagename> gives mor info, then install with apt-get.

Standard Gnome window manager for gnome 1.4 is sawfish, so you want that
too (or rather, sawfish-gnome)

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