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Re: Whats wrong with this script ?

* Dr. Sachin Kale <sauravsk@agd2.dot.net.in> [2002-08-14 13:21]:
> I am trying to get a module compiled against kernel 2.2.12-20, work on
> 2.2.19; I found this script on the net, when I run this as
>  ./fixscript esscom.o esscom.fix.o I get the error -

I'm not sure that this script will do the job for you anyway.
It was originally written to be used on the Lucent ltmodem
module, not the esscom. You might have more luck using the
tty.h patch as described here:
I'm not sure if this will work for a 2.2.19 kernel though, I
think it's only been tested up to 2.2.17. Note that this sort
of mucking around is liable to make your system unstable,
and can lead to kernel panics.

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