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Re: howto bcc the bcc's in mutt

On Wed, Aug 14, 2002 at 01:56:01AM +0000, p wrote:
> debs,
> prelim:  i just got a promotion--sysop of a
> 	 hundred-user network.  ...peanuts
> 	 to most on the list, probably....

Congratulations on the promotion, and good luck!
> prob:  	 when i fire up mutt for emailing 
>  	 those 100 users.  i'd like to bcc
> 	 each user without the other 99 
>          users' email addys being included 
> 	 in the bcc.  (so, each user's bcc 
> 	 header only has 1 email addy in it, 
> 	 not 100.)
> q:	 is there a way for mutt to bcc the
> 	 bcc's?

I don't follow you here.  The recipient of the email can only see the To
and cc headers, but nothing at all for bcc.  So doesn't it do what you
want already?

- Chris

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