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Re: Is there an apt-get install log?

Paul E Condon, 2002-Aug-06 12:27 -0700:
> On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 10:15:13AM -0700, Jeff wrote:
> This may not be a good idea. Assume that package1 is the top level
> package, and packages 2, 3, etc are the ones on which it depends. Keep
> in mind that other packages that you want to keep may depend on one or
> another of these packages. Of course no other package will depend on
> package1, but package8 might be libc6. BAAAD! 
> apt-get should protect you from this, but I wouldn't want to be the
> person who reports a bug in that part of the code.

I apologize for my lack of a more detailed explanation of how I remove
packages and their dependancies.  I assumed that you would know not to
try to remove something like libc6, as I do.  

Actually what I do is record everything installed with a package I'm
not sure I'll want to keep so I know which ones to purge.  Also, if I
want to remove something that's been on my system for awhile, I'll do
the research to track the dependancies and determine which ones I can
remove without effecting other packages I want to keep.

I'll be sure to provide more details next time...jc

Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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