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timeout problem in galeon and netscape

I'm using ppp and 56k modem to get net access for three computers.
I use diald for demand dialing. When the connection is down and
I request a connection to a web site using galeon, or when my wife
requests a connection using netscape on her imac, the dialing begins.
It takes about 24 sec for the connection to be established.

During this time, either galeon or netscape times out and displays
an error message to the effect that the site is unavailable. It
appears to happen about 15 sec into the dial sequence.

How can I extend the time limit? I would like it to be about 30 to 35
seconds. On thinking about my question, I have very little hope of
learning from this list how I might do this for netscape 6.2 on the
iMac, but suggestions for what to do for galeon on Debian Woody?



Paul E Condon           

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