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Re: Root login in graphical enviroment

scripsit martin f krafft:
> also sprach Crispin Wellington <crispin@aeonline.net> [2002.07.31.1738 +0200]:
> > sudo gdmconfig
> i am doing `sudo ethereal` all day long. no problem with X. it's *me*
> running the command with root rights, noone else.
> > Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
> > Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server
> it works.

(sorry to jump in the middle here)

'sudo xfoo' doesn't work for me, either; it's the same connection
refused error (which is particularly annoying because vim complains even
when run sans GUI).

I've resorted to the 'ssh -X root@localhost' hack, too, as there's no
way for root to read my .Xauthority file -- it's on AFS.  I've pretty
novice with X stuff, though, so I'd love to hear a secure way of running
GUI apps as root that Just Works (tm).

Thanasis Kinias
Web Developer, Information Technology
Graduate Student, Department of History
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona, U.S.A.

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