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Re: Installing "debs" from file

"Emil H" <deb-list@linuxmail.org> writes:
> I know this is probobly a simple problem but I can't get past it.
> I have downloaded a deb file (xv picture viewer) and want to install
> it.  What is the process?

Run 'dpkg --install xv_*.deb'.  Note, though, that xv isn't in the
Debian archives anywhere for a reason (its license makes it
non-distributable, IIRC); there are several other free alternatives in
Debian main that work just as well.  I typically use 'display' from
ImageMagick, with the GIMP for more intensive operations.

> What I have tried is:
> 1) placed the deb under /root/debs/dists/testing/
> non-free/binary-i386/Packages
> 2) adding a "file" entry in /etc/apt/sources.list
> deb file:/root/debs testing non-free
> 3) running apt-get update

...trying to use APT for this will just be a pain, since it
essentially requires setting up a local archive with the right
directory structure.

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