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Re: MUTT persists

Hi Larry:
> I still don't get the mutt setup.  It was rather easy
> to set up balsa, but mutt simply won't get mail out to
> yahoo (or anyplace other than my email account at my
> internet server).
> I get email from my pop account through mutt.  The
> server is setup as in balsa.


You don't tell Balsa or Mutt about your SMTP server. They don't work
that way; you tell them how to invoke your MTA. If you look through
.muttrc, the variable that's pertinent to this thread is "sendmail."
Did you supply a value for that variable or is it at its default
value?  Debian links /usr/sbin/sendmail to exim. The default value is
what you want.

Somehow, you've got an MTA [mis-]configured to send mail to your
ISP. I'm guessing it's exim, and that exim's mis-configured. Check for
a file named /etc/exim/exim.conf. If that exists, then, as a
superuser, look for a file called /var/log/exim/mainlog. An earlier
poster mentioned the exim configuration documentation. There's a lot
there, but you should only be concerned with specifying your ISP's SMTP

If none of this helps, compose a mail message, then, as a superuser,
use the find command to locate files modified in /var/log in the past
few minutes. That will give you a clue as to which MTA you're using:

	find /var/log -mmin -20 -ls

I know this sounds weird, but the only way you can be sending mail
from your machine is via an MTA. Neither Balsa nor Mutt are capable of
sending mail on their own. Both require an external MTA. You've got
one installed, you'll just have to figure out how its configured.

Also, since you configured balsa to use an MTA, can you post the pertinent
configuration information? That might help. 

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