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Re: highly touted package management tools vs. modem user

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 07:52:11PM +0800, Dan Jacobson wrote:

> M> All you have to do to fix this is go through all of those 17 packages in
> M> dselect and mark them as 'purge'. They are probably currently marked as
> M> 'install', which is why dselect wants to install them.

> well then I am in a dilemma, as I still want to use the current
> versions.  Perhaps you mean purge them then install them again from
> the CDs.  The other choice would to be to agree ti the 6310kB of

Put them on hold (= in dselect) if you don't want to upgrade them.

> By the way, in dselect, those 17 packages, along with all the 1000
> others are all marked "***" (installed install install).  One must
> look for other hints on the screen that their fate will be different
> once one hits "3. [I]nstall   Install and upgrade wanted packages.".

Look at the version numbers.  dselect assumes that it should have the
most current versions of packages unless otherwise instructed.

> I think I don't have to remove the online sources in sources.list when
> offline, but that's because i use wwwoffle ...

apt will go through the sources.list in order so if you put your local
sources first then it won't even try to hit the network unless there are
more up to date packages in the network sources.

If you want to do something more fancy then take a look at the various
proxy scripts that are avaliable for apt which cache things using
knowledge of how apt works.

> Just trying to remind authors that a lot of this stuff might not be
> too easy to understand.  Oops, sorry. I know, "go use Mandrake" then.

You might also want to look at more modern front ends like aptitude -
many of the user interface issues you mention above would be addressed
to at least some extent with aptitude and probably others.

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