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problem setting up a new debian-box

hi !

i am very new to this list, so i hope this is the correct place to ask:
i have a brand new PC(i686) in front of me, which i would like to set up as as file-server on a debian-system.
that's the good side.
here's the bad side: the pc is equipped with
asus p4t-e motherboard (i850)
promise-raid controller

no primary harddisk, no cdrom

i am used to install debian via a minimal floppy-installation and do the rest over the net.
however: the floppy-controller does not seem to be recognized.
so: i insert the rescue-disk and restart
everything seems to work fine.
when "loading the modules" it comes to the floppy and says:
	floppy drive:fd0 is 1.4MB
	floppy0:no floppy controller found
when i have to insert the root-disk, it is not able to mount use the /dev/fd0 any longer.

anyone experienced a similar problem ?
how have you mastered it ?
are there boot-floppies that support this controller ?
(i have read on a SuSe-list, that with new kernels this should be no problem (>2.4.x), but i have tried boot-floppies with "ext3-2.4.17"-flavour with no success)

my only debian-cd i have is rather old (>1year: woody, but 2.2.19) and it is not able to detect the raid correctly, so it detects no harddrives to install my system to. anyhow, there will be some reading before i manage to set up the basic system on the raid, but i haven't yet found a place to put an additional system-disk into the case. (i think there are good HOWTO's, are there ?)

the major problem now, is to get the floppy-disk to work ?

any help appreciated


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