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Re: [ANNOUNCE] OpenOffice.org 1.0.1rc and status update

Hi .. 

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 05:31:43PM +0200, Chris Halls wrote:
>> This seems to call for ~/.openoffice/x.x/
>Hmm, I like that idea.  The old ~/.openoffice/ directory would get in the
>way if it was left around for downgrades, though.  Perhaps
>~/.openoffice.org/x.x[.x] ?

What about /etc/openoffice/x.y(.z)?
II would like have the setting centrialized some time in the future. If
some user want to have their own settings, they could create
~/.openoffice/x.y(.z), if thei need them.

We have then to be sure, that OpenOffice.org first look into the uses
home for its files, and if they are not there, it will work with the
files under etc ... 

Any thoughts

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