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Re: Pico

Leonardo Custodio writes:
> Isn't there a text editor called pico under Debian Linux? I can't seem to
> find it in both dselect and main site.

Pico is part of the Pine package which is under a bizarre license that
requires special permission for distribution.  Try nano:

 GNU nano is a free replacement for Pico, the default Pine editor. Pine is
 copyrighted under a slightly restrictive license, that makes it unsuitable
 for Debian's main section. GNU nano is an effort to provide a Pico-like
 editor, but also includes some features that were missing in the original,
 such as 'search and replace', 'goto line' or internationalization support.
 As it's written from scratch, it's smaller and faster.

John Hasler
Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, Wisconsin

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