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Re: Emacs from Xterm

also sprach Bill Spears <bspears@easystreet.com> [2002.07.04.2321 +0200]:
> I've finally gotten Debian (and KDE) up and was about to burn a CD when  I 
> discovered that I didn't have cdrecord installed.  apt-get worked 
> beautifully. But then I found I didn't have ide-scsi installed.  So I tried 
> emacs /etc/lilo.conf from an xterm and got error: emacs couldn't connect to 
> Xserver and some suggestions about xhost, which didn't work. So I used vi and 
> it worked. But I like to use emacs (it does work from the menus), and I need 
> to use it as root sometimes (anybody knowing how to use a user started Emacs 
> process as root) please jump in). I figured this is an X security problem, 
> but still don't know what to do. 

`xhost +localhost` as the user before you `su` to use emacs.

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