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Re: News Reader?

On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 17:37, Michael Montagne wrote:
> >On 03/07/02, from the brain of Barry Michels tumbled:
> > What news readers are people using under Linux?  In Windows, I really liked 
> > Forte's Agent.  It would piece binaries together for you and had built-in 
> > ydecoding.
> > 
> slrn, but it sure doesn't piece binaries together.  I wish it could.
> It does handle big bunches of headers well tho.

Actually it does. Mark the articles using '#', then press ':'.  It seems
to use an embeded version of uudeview which doesn't deal properly with
yEnc encoded and MIME encoded material though. Running the standalone
uudeview on the resulting file with the -s and -i flags fixes that 

Pan does pretty well on the "one step" department, except for graphic
files which have been marked as appplication/octect-stream. I think 
you can save the decoded file, but Pan won't display them.


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