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Unidentified subject!

Dr. George W. Adams
58, Marina street
                    Business Assistance

My name is Dr. George W. Adams a senior accountant with the Federal
Ministry of Finance. I shall like to seek your partnership in receiving
balance of payment for a project well executed here in my country. This I
cannot be able to do due to that I am still in government service and my
government is such that does not allow government officials to own private
foreign accounts.

SOURCE OF FUNDS: This amount Emanated from a contract executed at the
Federal Ministry of Works and Housing in 1985. The foreign Contractor Mr.
George Albatini of Albatini Engineering Corporation with whom this project
was arranged had been paid the real value of the executed contract amount
which is US$30,000,000.00 leaving the over-invoiced total of
US$10,000,000.00 (Ten Million US dollars) which the contractor (Mr. George
Albatini) added for our benefit yet to be paid, but with the death of Mr.
George Albatini who died in a local plane crash, we have been unable to
receive this balance of payment due to that Mr. George did not file in
anybody's name as his next of kin which he was supposed to do as a foreign

A new allocation has been given for payment and we shall like to present
you as the next of kin to Mr. George Albatini (it doesn't really matter
where you come from) we can make the underground arrangement here and have
your name filed in as his next of kin and as well give it a proper legal
backing so that we can use our position to approve this amount and have
the funds claimed for our mutual benefit. This project is 100% risk free
from your side as I am very familiar with  the sequence and in control of
the situation here.

This project was well executed and a contract completion certificate was
issued for a successful completion of the said contract which is present
in the contract file.
SHARING: You shall get 10% of the total sum while 80% will go to us. 10%
will be used to reinburse any expenses incured during the course of the

It is my believe that this transaction shall mark the beginning of a
fruitful business relationship between us.

Please reply to gadamsy2k1@yahoo.com

I await your immediate response by E-mail.

Best Regards,

Dr.George W. Adams

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