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Re: new install

Nelsen, Nels wrote:
I am new to Linux and Debian, please ,
I have the base installed, and it boots of the hard drive,
but how do I bring back  up the package install program again?

Nels Nelsen

Depends on what you mean by the "package install program". The "task selection" screen I believe is only available in the installation routine itself, but an approximation of it (or maybe the real thing; I'm not sure) is in Sid (and maybe woody), as "tasksel". So try running "tasksel".

Or perhaps you mean "dselect". This is the "standard" front-end for the Debian "dpkg" utility. apt-get (and its related tools) are more-or-less becoming the replacement for dselect. And there are some other front-ends for apt, such as aptitude.

Probably for now you either want "tasksel" or "dselect", with "dselect" being the "more standard way" of doing things.


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