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Re: normal user access to serial port

On Sun, 2002-06-30 at 18:55, Rory Campbell-Lange wrote:
> How does one allow a normal user to access a serial port?
> I'm confused about which device/group to configure.

IMO the right way to do this is to add the user to the group which is
allowed access to the device... for example

on my system, /dev/ttyS0 points to /dev/tts/0

an ls -l /dev/tts/0 gives

crw-rw----    1 root     dialout    4,  64 Dec 31  1969 /dev/tts/0

Which means that the user root has rw access and the group dialout has
rw access as well. So to give a user rw access, you can simply run (as

adduser <username> dialout

then log out and back in and you should be all set.

This is how things should work for all devices

Hope that helps


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