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Re: Linux IPmasq - OneNIC?

Hey wvl,

I was reading the IPMasq howto, and it says this:

Users should also understand that IP Masquerading will only work with a physical interface such as eth0, eth1, etc. MASQing out an aliased interface such as "eth0:1, eth1:1, etc" will NOT work. 

Any ideas?


On Sat, 29 Jun 2002 16:09:02 +0200
wvl <yatsu@wanadoo.nl> wrote:

> On Sunday 30 June 2002 15:39, Rohan Deshpande wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > This is an excerpt from http://soho.sygate.com/products/gate_ov.htm:
> >
> > Sygate® OneNICTM Technology
> >
> > Sygate Home Network makes it easier than ever for you to maximize your
> > existing hardware investment with the introduction of Sygate OneNIC
> > technology. OneNIC technology significantly simplifies the process of
> > installing your shared Internet connection by eliminating the need to
> > install a second Network Interface Card (NIC). OneNIC is made possible by
> > creating a software-based virtual NIC. The real NIC is used for connecting
> > to the cable or DSL modem and the virtual NIC is used to communicate with
> > the other computers in your network.
> >
> > I was just wondering if this was possible to do in Linux.
> Yup. See the IPMasq HOWTO.
> - wvl

Rohan Deshpande

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