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Gnome Terminal

Today I did an apt-get dist-upgrade and it brought down gnome-terminal2
to replace gnome-terminal.  I like to see the new gnome2 packages
comming down on to my system, but this new gnome-terminal looks
horrible.  It is black text of a white background with a horrible font.
I want it back to the way it was before the upgrade, but when I go in to
try and customize it, I cant really change anything.  It wont let me
change the background color, or the text font or color.  Does anyone
know how to change it back to the way it was before the upgrade while
remaining with the new gnome2 package?

-Peace kid
  Scott Henson	shenson2@wvu.edu

"God's the ultimate playa, so naturally He's going to have some haters,"
rapper Ice Cube said. "But these haters need to realize that  if you
mess with the man upstairs, you will get your ass smote. True dat."

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