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Re: Backup policy: What should I backup?

<quote who="rob">
> nate debian-user@aphroland.org XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote:

> What still concerns me are config files for applications.
> Because these are machine-independant, I suppose they could appear
> somewhere in /usr.
> But would they?
> And where exactly would they appear?

that is completely dependend upon the application, if its a debian
package, 99% of the configurations are in /etc most of the rest
is in /var/lib (dpkg, mailman ..), I don't remember comming accross
any debian packages that stored config stuff in other places.

the rest would be very diffuclt to track down unless you know exactly
what file(s) your looking for or what program uses them.

good luck ..

i migrated my home fileserver/gateway to a new system last night,
from a 100GB maxtor drive to dual 100GB western digital special edition
drives in raid1, I plan to keep the maxtor with the OS data around
for a month or 2 then I'll re-partition it as data storage ..since
it has about 10 partitions on it..


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