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Re: Canonical Way to install Java

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002 11:41:57 -0500
"Kent West" <westk@nicanor.acu.edu> wrote:

> I can get Java installed and working in my browsers, but at the risk of 
> starting a Holy Way, what's the canonical way to install Java (run-time 
> only needed, not dev. kit)?
>  From Blackdown? From Sun? From Debian's site, which seems to only have 
> JDK1.1 for Sid?
> I would suspect that Sun's JRE is *the* JRE, whereas Blackdown's might 
> work better with Linux, whereas Debian's is more "official".

I suspect this greatly depends on your point of view and requirements. 
Peronsally, I use Sun's JRE simply to be more current and not have to
worry about any idiocencracies of the implimentation.  I've heard many
suggest Blackdown's release, but never really tried it myself.

> Comments? Flames? Hostess Twinkies?

Hmmm, never tried a flamed twinkie.

Jamin W. Collins

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