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ssh update or upgrade required? which is it?

Hi list, can you please clarify something for me-- this should be pretty
straight forward so sorry if the question seems a bit lame.  Can you
please reply to the email in addition to the list since I'm not
currently subscribed.

I read this release http://www.debian.org/security/2002/dsa-134 and it
says to upgrade to ssh 3.3p1 for woody and that the package for potato
hasn't yet been compiled.

On my stable boxes I ran apt-get update and it pulled down some patches
from security though the only recent post for security updates is this
one so was my open ssh from the potato branch updated proficiently or do
I need to install this new version?  If I need to install ssh 3.3 and
want the rest of my box to stay in stable until woody is complete how do
I do this?

Thanks, Justin

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