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Re: Start-up screen for Gnome

On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 12:20:09PM -0700, Paul E Condon wrote something like this:

> I'm running Gnome on a Woody i386 computer. When I start the computer and 
> log in to my user account. Gnome automatically starts several instances of
> Gnome Terminal, two instances of Gnome Midnight Commander and a single instance
> of Galeon. I don't like this, particularly Galeon, which starts my PPP.
> How can I shut off or control this automatic start? I've tried closing the 
> unwanted windows and doing a "Save Session". This seems to have no effect.
> Suggestions?

In the past when my Gnome desktop has started acting flakey I've

~/.gnome  to  ~/.gnome.old


~/.gnome-desktop  to  ~/.gnome-desktop.old

logged out and then logged back in. Gnome will create new
.gnome and .gnome-desktop files.

You'll have to redo all your preferences which can be a hassle but
it has cured the few odd problems I've had with the Gnome desktop,

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