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Re: AWK: adds "^M" at the end of line?

On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 03:57:17AM -0400, Abdul Latip wrote:
> I am having problems with my AWK script. It used to work a
> couple of months ago (on potato), but not anymore (on woody).
> I have no idea why, since I seldom use it.  I tried both 
> mawk and gawk.
> Apparently, $0 includes a "^M" character at the end.
> Thus, for an empty line: /^$/ has to be changed to  /^.$/ . 
> Is there any wrong environment on my system?
> Any clue?

What file are you trying to read.  If it is mail coming from fetchmail,
there were some change which causes ^M in mail file.

I fixed it by "with stripcr" option in /etc/fetchmailrc.
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