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Re: How many files can be put in one directory?

On Thu, 2002-06-20 at 10:32, Q. Gong wrote:
> Hi,
> A general question: what's the maximum number of files located in one
> directory?

Depends on the filesystem. And depends on how you interpret your
question (how many files can you put in a directory and still have
reasonable performance vs. how many files can you put in a directory,
absolutely, if you're prepared to wait 2 years after doing 'ls').

Generally: many. On ext2, performance will degrade badly, though, as
files are put in a list (without indexing etc.), but this should
generally only be when you reach tens of thousands of entries.

reiserfs (and other fs with clever directory layouts) are much faster
even with very large directories.

don't know, perhaps somebody else has some hard data?

-- vbi

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