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Re: ntpdate troubles

Thanks for your answers

Bill Benedetto wrote:
Jerome BENOIT writes:

  Jerome> since a while I have troubles with `ntpdate':
  Jerome> I get the message
  Jerome> "no server suitable for synchronization found"
  Jerome> when lauching with no option.
  Jerome> But when I add the option "-q" or "-d" everythings look right:
  Jerome> I quess I have missed something,
  Jerome> but I do not know what.
  Jerome> Any idea ?

(1) You know that ntpdate just sets the date, one time, against
    another machine via NTP, right?

Yup !

(2) Did you use
     /etc/init.d/ntpdate start

at boot time

    or did you run ntpdate directly?

only to debug

    If you ran ntpdate directly, what machine did you tell
    ntpdate to use?  Something inside your building or something
    outside your building?

outside my building

So many questions.  So little time.

- Bill
Bill Benedetto     <bbenedetto@goodyear.com>    The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
I don't speak for Goodyear and they don't speak for me.  We're both happy.

Jerome BENOIT, Ph.D.

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